We offer the full product range of high-quality and stable bulk silos made of glass-reinforced polyester (GRP). The silos are built for the safe and cost-effective storage of de-icing salt, and have proven their worth to our customers for decades due to their indestructible structure and permanent reliability - particularly during the tough winter service, and enjoy a very high level of confidence.


Bulk silos

The cost-effective alternative for an efficient winter service with a capacity of up to 250 cubic metres.


They are particularly suitable for storing de-icing salt and thus guarantee the optimum storage of your gritting material - the best prerequisite for an effective winter service that is ready to deploy at all times.


Bulk silos made from glass-reinforced polyester are manufactured on state-of-the-art equipment using the winding process.


The advantages of glass-reinforced polyester bulk silos:


  • Smooth interior and exterior surfaces
  • Strength properties similar to steel
  • No formation of condensation
  • Very long service life and resistance to fracture   



Mobile silos


We have developed a compact and flexible silo in close cooperation with our project partners on site, with all the benefits of a conventional, fixed silo built on foundations. This new silo requires no building permit*, the construction has no foundations and therefore no elaborate site installation is required. You save time and money, as the costs for constructing the foundations are eliminated.


The silo is quickly erected on firm and level ground prepared by the customer (installation area at least 4 x 4 metres). Delivery includes undercarriage with our truck-mounted crane.


The advantages of glass-reinforced polyester mobile silos at a glance:


  • Flexible deployment locations; low overall height
  • No foundations or site installation required
  • Gritters can drive under the silo up to a maximum height of 3.00 m, with a maximum grit loading height of 3.00 m
  • Approval costs may be waived or simplified; approval procedure (varies depending on the region)*
  • Installation with a truck-mounted crane and reduced costs by purchasing salt by silo truck
  • Frees up pallet spaces in your warehouse (bagged goods)
  • Low purchase price


* not legally binding. We recommend consulting the relevant building authority in individual cases. A simplified approval procedure may be necessary owing to different state and regional building regulations and potential restrictions imposed by local development plans. Permit costs may be incurred if planning permission is required.


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