Salt for water softening

Who has never experienced? Unsightly streaks on glasses, hard towels and dull, lacklustre hair after showering. This is due to the hardness components calcium and magnesium, which cause irritating limescale residues and make the water hard for our liking. Water softeners with ion exchangers are a simple and reliable solution. The sodium ions contained in the regeneration salt remove the hardness components from the water. The result is noticeably softer water.


The use of regeneration salt has several benefits: After all, soft water not only provides more comfort, it also cuts your water bill and preserves the environment by lowering energy consumption and making sustainable savings on detergents and cleaning agents.

Broxo® 6-15 compacted evaporated salt for water softening

Available as bagged goods (25 kg) and in big bags (800 kg).


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Broxo® Tablets evaporated salt for water softening

Available as bagged goods (25 kg).


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Claramat® evaporated salt tablets for water softening

Available as bagged goods (25 kg) and in big bags (500 kg or 800 kg).


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Claramat® dishwashing salt coarse

Available in a 2-kg bag (6 x 2 kg) in the tray.


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Pool salt

Alposal® pool salt made of pure evaporated salt is used both in the commercial sector (e.g. in swimming pools) and in the private sector. The use of the pool salt serves to disinfect the swimming pool water as well as to optimize the salt content. Alposal® pool salt is suitable for all pools with salt electrolysis systems and chlorinators.

The functioning of the salt electrolysis works is similar to the ecosystem of the oceans. The addition of salt to the pool water and a low current flow in the electrolysis cell form sodium hypochlorite, which can completely disinfect the pool water without the need to add other chlorine products. It provides a clean as well as clear pool water and gives a pleasant skin feeling.

Alposal® pool salt

Available as bagged goods (25 kg).


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