Bergkapelle (miners’ band)


Lively light music, but also folk tunes and church music are the trademark of the Südwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG Bergkapelle band. Nobody can say precisely how long the Bergkapelle has existed, but it is assumed that it was founded with the miners' association in 1885.


The Bergkapelle provides a musical accompaniment for the more solemn moments in the activities of the “Glückauf“ 1885 e. V. miners’ association of the Südwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG, Heilbronn, and gives the members of the miners' association a musical escort to their final resting place.


The Bergkapelle can look back on some significant events in its history.


A major highlight was certainly the trip to Rome and the private audience with Pope Benedict XVI in 2009. 


After more than 30 years of service in the Bergkapelle, the musical director, Hans Span handed over the leadership of the Bergkapelle to Steffen Burkhardt. He hopes to take the Bergkapelle in exciting new directions. The repertoire, for example, will be enlarged and, in addition to traditional brass band music consisting of marches and polkas, will include modern music, jazz and swing.


The Bergkapelle is also looking for more musicians. Are you interested in joining us on our new ventures? Then just come and see our rehearsals, which are always held on Thursdays from 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm at the Bad Friedrichshall-Kochendorf works and on the last Thursday of each month from 8 pm to 10 pm at the Heilbronn works . Or contact Isabell Amon (Tel. -2377). We look forward to seeing you!


Currently no dates available.