In our salt business segment, we produce rock and evaporated salt for commercial use, industry and winter road clearance services and for private households. Bad Reichenhaller AlpenSalz is the most famous salt brand in Germany.


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Waste management

In the waste management business sector, we offer services for the recycling, treatment and storage of waste materials. Underground chambers in the Bad Friedrichshall and Heilbronn mines also serve as safe and climate-stable storage space for valuables and archive materials.


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In the logistics division, we guarantee the safe transport of salt for our customers with the services of our shipping company, Reederei Schwaben GmbH.


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In the tourism division, we maintain tourist attractions in the Saltworks Berchtesgaden and Bad Friedrichshall and at the Old Saltworks Bad Reichenhall, which enable visitors to experience the exciting history of salt mining at first hand in an underground atmosphere.


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