Pharmaceutical salt - high-purity salt for medical applications

Sodium chloride in pharmaceutical and chemically pure quality has extremely high chemical and bacterial purity, which meets the requirements of the European and US pharmacopoeia.


This is made possible by highly developed manufacturing processes, the relevant HACCP analyses, the validation of critical levels and the strict procedure in accordance with ISO 9001. We automatically generate batch-related analysis certificates for pharmaceutical salt.


The pharmaceutical salt is available in different pack sizes (25 kg and big bag), as loose goods and in granulated form. A continuous production ensures a year-round supply to the pharmaceutical industry.

Sodium chloride Ph.Eur./USP, excipient quality

Available as bagged goods (25 kg), in big bags and bulk in silo trucks.


Image of sodium chloride Ph.Eur./USP, excipient quality, 25 kg (jpg)

Sodium chloride API quality

Available as bagged goods (25 kg).


Image of sodium chloride API quality, 25 kg (jpg)

Granulated Sodium Chloride Ph. Eur./USP

Available as bagged goods (25 kg) and in big bags.


Image of granulated sodium chloride Ph. Eur./USP, 25 kg (jpg)


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