Industrial salt

Industrial salt is used in numerous industrial and trade sectors. Industry requires a vast range of salt and salt applications. Our industrial salt products are perfectly matched to the needs and wishes of our customers.


Industrial salt is required in the following sectors, among others:


  • in the drilling industry for the production of cooling brine
  • for surface finishing during electroplating
  • for the salting out of fats
  • for drying heating oil and car fuel during production
  • in hardening baths
  • in the textile industry for finishing textile fibres
  • for water treatment in a range of ion exchangers
  • in leather tanning and in many other application areas

Industrial salt

Available as an evaporated salt with separating agent in different grain sizes, supplied as bagged goods (25 kg and 50 kg), in big bags and bulk in silo trucks.


Image of industrial salt,with separating agent, 25 kg (jpg)

Image of industrial salt,with separating agent, 50 kg (jpg)

Industrial salt without separating agent

Available as an evaporated salt, supplied as bagged goods (25 kg), in big bags and bulk in silo trucks.


Image of industrial salt, without separating agent, 25 kg (jpg)


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