De-icing salt

A long walk through a snow-covered winter landscape, a brisk downhill run on a snow-white piste or skating on a frozen lake - what’s to dislike? But winter comes in many guises: Snow-covered roads, vehicles skidding and people slipping on icy pavements.


It is essential for the safety of all road users that streets are free from snow and ice. De-icing salt plays a vital role in this context. The physical-chemical transformation of ice and snow into water lowers its freezing point to permanently make roads less slippery. In addition to de-icing salt, sophisticated technology such as pre-wetted salt technology, optimally coordinated equipment, a precisely defined distribution of tasks and the sensible behaviour of all road users are necessary to ensure safety on our roads, even in adverse weather conditions.


High-performance, state-of-the-art systems, high-quality de-icing salt products, a close network of distribution warehouses and a competent sales team ensure that de-icing salt is available quickly. Our logistics partners manage the optimal delivery of the products to our customers - by truck, ship or train.

de-icing salt, rock salt

Available in small containers (4 kg and 10 kg bags and 10 kg tubs),
as bagged goods (25 kg and 50 kg), in big bags and bulk from 26 tons in trucks.


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