Without iodine your body is lacking a vital element


Although the supply of iodine has improved in the last 20 years through education and the use of iodised salt, most people unfortunately still suffer from an iodine deficiency. Even today, Germany is an area that is deficient in iodine.


The Bad Reichenhaller brand was a pioneer in this respect, and launched the first table salt enriched with the trace element iodine onto the market in the late 1950s. This was a crucial step forward in the treatment of goitre, which was widespread at that time. Many people in Germany are still now suffering from a lack of iodine, in particular children, adolescents and women, who should pay particular attention to an adequate iodine intake during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Today, Germany's best-known table salt brand explains, in three entertaining and humorous videos, what effects iodine deficiency can have and why iodine is essential for the thyroid gland.



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More information about the vital trace element iodine is available here: www.jod-und-du.de