"Glückauf" 1885 e. V. (miners’ association)


The "Glückauf” e. V. miners’ association was also founded.In 1885, the same year that the Heilbronn Rock Salt Mine launched its operations.

The association survived all the ups and downs of this turbulent period until 1936, when the Third Reich brought an early end to the association. In 1953, the old tradition was marked in the Heilbronn Salt Mine and the association was revived.

When the two Heilbronn and Kochendorf Saltworks merged in 1971, it was a matter of course that the Kochendorf work colleagues, who until then had no own miners' association , would be allowed to become members of the “Glückauf“ miners’ association. This also manifested itself in the change of the association's name to: “Glückauf” 1885 e. V. miners’ association of the SÜDWESTDEUTSCHE SALZWERKE AG, Heilbronn.

In 1993 the miners' association joined the "Landesverband der Bergmannsvereine und bergmännischen Musikvereine Baden-Württemberg e. V.” (state association of miners' clubs and miners' music clubs), and has since played a major role in this association.

The purpose of the association is to cultivate comradely and sociable gatherings and to pay their last respects to deceased members with mining honours. Anyone can become a member of the miners' association.

The association's dress of honour is the miner's clothing.

In addition to the annual general meeting, a walk is organised every year, which is accompanied by the miner’s band to promote social gatherings in accordance with the association’s statutes.

The Barbarafeier (Feast of St. Barbara) is held in the old mining tradition. The festival takes place in a festival hall following the miners’ parade and the solemn church service. This includes official speeches, coffee and cake, food and drink, a raffle and entertainment by the “Bergkapelle” miners’ band.

The miners' association is the link between the active members of the mine and retired miners.

It is a social club that also welcomes the families of members to join in the activities. Tradition and camaraderie among the miners are cultivated and maintained.

The “Glückauf” 1885 e. V. miners’ association now has around 500 members. The Executive Board is comprised as follows:

1. Chair: Natascha Groll

2. Chair: Lothar Reinhard

Secretary: Isabell Amon

Treasurer: Heike Adrian

Auditors: Bernhard Puffer and Stefan Kühnel

Committee members: Karsten Benz, Alice Rückriem, Florian Schadt, Birgit Schäfer, Robby Schmidt, Hans Span, Barbara Wiegand, Marcel Wolf and Sascha Ziller


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