Industrial salt for electrolysis

Industrial salt is a strategic raw material in the chemical industry. Especially for large-scale electrolysis, which uses salt (NaCl), water (H2O) and electricity to produce intermediate products such as chlorine (Cl2), caustic soda (NaOH) and hydrogen (H).

Industrial salt is at the core of a wide-ranging value chain and is the basis for more than 10,000 secondary products in the aluminium, automotive, glass, paint, cosmetics, plastic, pharmaceutical, cleaning and textile... industry.                    

One of these secondary products is, for example, PVC - the universal plastic for pipes, floors, windows, but also blood bags, "rubber boots" and tents.

Südwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG has been involved in the chemical industry since its inception, and has grown with these companies and the increasing demands associated with it. The expertise from over 150 years of cooperation can be expressed in one sentence: "Expertise in Salt".

We demonstrate this competence daily as an efficient and reliable system supplier. Our industrial salt is based on carefully controlled extraction and preparation processes and is therefore available in a consistently high quality.

As we have a trimodal location in Heilbronn, we can supply the majority of our industrial salt customers just-in-time via the ecologically and economically valuable waterway; others by rail or truck.


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