Minerals, fossils and precious stones


Exhibition and shop in the mine


An exhibition of minerals, fossils and precious stones that are also available to purchase can be viewed during the opening times of the Bad Friedrichshall Salt Mine. The best exhibits from a private collection provide an impressive overview and insight into the world of minerals, fossils and precious stones.





Barites, fluorites and other minerals from the Black Forest are also on display along with various types of rock crystals, amethysts, citrines, rose quartz, etc. from all over the world. Impressive smoky quartz specimens and minerals from Romanian mines; copper minerals and minerals such as quartz, opal, calcite, various iron ores, etc. in fossils or fossils that were preserved in these minerals.



Precious stones


The precious stones department with precious stones in their raw state as well as cut and set in jewellery are especially fine and popular examples. You can admire emeralds, aquamarines, rubies, tourmalines, opals, garnets and, as a special feature, topazes from Schneckenstein, from a famous and now exploited deposit of this precious stone in the Vogtland region of Saxony. The stones offer a stunning variety and richness of the colour!  





The fossils include a number of crinoids and ammonites, nautiloids, fish and perfectly preserved snails from different countries. You can also marvel at two dinosaurs! A particularly beautiful, complete specimen from the Triassic, the period when the salt in the local mine was deposited, and an original fossil dinosaur egg from the Cretaceous era - both from China.



Impressions of the exhibits


The Dupper family will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the exhibits, minerals, fossils or precious stones in general on site at the shop.

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